Nader Again Non-Committal on Possible U.S. Senate Run

The newspaper that covers Litchfield County, Connecticut, has this November 29 story about Ralph Nader’s appearance in Norfolk, Connecticut, for his book tour. Apparently as Nader traverses that state, he is always asked if he will run for the U.S. Senate in 2010. He continues being noncommital.


  1. Phil Sawyer · · Reply

    Could he run as a Democrat? Or does the fact that he is now independent (shortly before 2010) rule that out?

  2. Can we give Ralphie his own state and be done with it for good? How about carving out a few hundred thousand acres out of Alaska and calling it Delusia?

  3. Parties in Connecticut and most states are free to nominate non-members.

  4. Tom Yager · · Reply

    I’d much rather that he run as a Green than a Democrat.

  5. Tim McKee · · Reply

    Local efforts are underway to draft as a Green!
    facebook has over 600 people backing the effort
    and petionline online was just started

  6. I attended on of Mr.Nader’s recent outings, where he was busy selling his new novel. A fun read. Several people urged Ralph Nader to run as a Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Conn. A standing room only crowd, between 150 – 200 people, with many others waiting outside because of the over crowding…applauded loudly in support of a Nader Green Party U.S. Senate run.

    This U.S. Senate race in Conn…will require about $20 million. That’s a conservative estimate. It’s a tall order, but if anyone can do it, that’s Mr. Nader.

    Thanks for keeping us up on this exciting story for both the Green Party and nonviolence advocates across the country.

  7. –as I surf the web — It’s obvious the Conn Green Party is doing great work on getting Nader to run for Senate, and getting him on the ballot.

    Tim McKeee is especially impressive as Green Party spokesperson.

    Outstanding work.

  8. Phil Sawyer · · Reply

    Thank you, Richard. California is really tough compared to Connecticut and most states, I guess – on that score.

    The advantage for Mr. Nader to run as a Green would be that he should be able to win the primary election very easily. I can see that. However, that would put him in the “spoiler” position again. If he ran as a Democrat, it might be difficult to win the primary election. It would be a good way to press the issues forward, though.

  9. 6 –

    “…if anyone can do it, that’s Mr. Nader.”

    I agree!

    With the support of more than 150-200 loudly applauding people, anything is possible.

  10. Small qualified parties in Connecticut nominate by convention or committee meeting, not primary. Connecticut says primaries are only for parties that polled 20% for Governor in the last election, or which have registration of 20% of the total number of all voters in the state who are registered in parties.

  11. Has Nader ever run for any office other than president?

    Also, didn’t Nader first run for president in 1996?

  12. If Ralph ran as a Green, would he have ballot access? Would he need to collect signatures if he ran as an Independent?

  13. Phil Sawyer · · Reply

    Mr. Nader ran for president in the Democratic primaries in 1992. He was the Green Party nominee in 1996 and 2000. Mr. Nader ran for president as an independent (and the nominee of some small parties) in 2004 and 2008.

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