Monthly Archives: December 2009

California Voter Foundation Releases Study of What Information States Ask For on Voter Registration Forms

The California Voter Foundation has released this useful report on what information is asked on the voter registration form in each state. The study also summarizes to what extent the information about individual voters is a public record. Thanks to Eric Reinhardt for this link.

California Candidate Asks State Supreme Court to Overturn Prior Affiliation Requirement for Candidates in Primaries

On December 18, California attorney Roger William Clark, who wants to run for Attorney General of California in 2010 as a Republican, asked the California Supreme Court to overturn the California law that prevents him from getting on any primary ballot in 2010. Clark was a registered Democrat until May 1, 2009, when he changed […]

San Mateo County, California, Debates Electing County Supervisors At-Large

San Mateo County is the only county in California that elects all its county supervisors at-large. The county’s charter revision group is considering whether to suggest a change to some other election system. The county has a population of 700,000, so running countywide is very expensive. See this story. San Mateo County, like all but […]

Oregon Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Lobbyists Giving Gifts to Public Officials

On December 31, the Oregon State Supreme Court issued an opinion in Vannatta v Oregon Government Ethics Commission, SC 057570. Here is the unanimous 19-page opinion. The opinion says that even though Oregon has a very strong free speech provision in its Constitution, the Constitution is not violated by an Oregon statute that makes it […]

Democratic Commission on Presidential Selection Process Recommends No Primaries Before March

On December 30, the Democratic Party’s Change Commission finished its report on suggestions for improving the party’s presidential selection process. See this description from the party’s blog. The Commission’s ideas now go before the party’s national bylaws committee for approval. The Commission recommends (1) no presidential primaries before the 2nd Tuesday in March; (2) no […]

Tentative Ohio Ruling in Now Final; Ohio Has 6 Political Parties on 2010 Ballot

On December 31, an earlier Ohio Secretary of State ruling on ballot-qualified parties for the 2010 election was officially promulgated to county election boards in Ohio. The ruling says that the Constitution, Green, Libertarian and Socialist Parties are ballot-qualified in Ohio in 2010. Some time ago, the Secretary of State had posted this ruling on […]

New York Times Says Every New York State Legislator Should Be Defeated in 2010

The New York Times has this editorial in its December 31 issue, recommending that voters in 2010 defeat every single New York state legislator. Unlike most states, New York State Senators only have two-year terms, so all of them are up in 2010, along with all the New York Assemblymembers as well. The editorial also […]