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South Carolina Democratic Party Says it Won't Let Ex-Felon Run for Congress in its Primary

On January 13, the Executive Director of the South Carolina Democratic Party sent a letter to Brian Doyle, who wants to run in this year’s Democratic primary for U.S. House, 3rd district. The incumbent in that seat is not running for re-election. The letter says, “Brian: As I am sure you are aware, the Party […]

New London, Connecticut Daily Newspaper Editorial Calls for Eliminating Discriminatory Parts of Public Funding Law

The New London, Connecticut newspaper The Day has this editorial, calling on the Connecticut legislature to eliminate the parts of the state’s public funding law that discriminates against candidates who are not Democrats or Republicans.

California "Top-Two Open Primary" to be on Ballot as Proposition 14

The California Secretary of State has assigned proposition numbers to the six statewide ballot measures that will be on the ballot on June 8, 2010. The “top-two open primary”, which was put on the ballot by the legislature, will be Proposition 14. Thanks to Calitics for this news. The ballot measure for public funding of […]

TIME Magazine Article on Vermont's Independence Day Party

TIME Magazine has this story on the Independence Day Party of Vermont, which plans to run a gubernatorial candidate and at least 7 candidates for the State Senate this year. Thanks to several people who sent me the link.

January 1, 2010 Printed Ballot Access News Now On-Line

Ballot Access News is a print publication, and the print publication includes much content, including news, that is never mentioned in the blog. Anyone can subscribe to the print publication for only $15 per year, for 12 issues per year. However, people who don’t wish to subscribe are free to read the print issue on-line, […]

Sudan Ballot Access Woes

Sudan is preparing for its first free democratic presidential election in 24 years. Unfortunately, presidential candidates are being kept off the ballot due to ballot access petition technicalities. See this story.

Illinois Supreme Court Restores Republican to Illinois Primary Ballot

On January 28, the Illinois Supreme Court issued an order putting a Republican candidate for the Illinois legislature back on the ballot. Cynthia Hebda is a Republican running for State House, 59th district, which includes part of Lake County and part of Cook County. Before she decided to run, she had signed the petition to […]