January 1, 2010 Printed Ballot Access News Now On-Line

Ballot Access News is a print publication, and the print publication includes much content, including news, that is never mentioned in the blog. Anyone can subscribe to the print publication for only $15 per year, for 12 issues per year. However, people who don’t wish to subscribe are free to read the print issue on-line, because print issues are posted on-line after they have been out for 30 days. The January 1, 2010 issue is now posted.

Anyone who wishes to subscribe to the print edition may send a check for $15 to BAN, PO Box 470296, San Francisco Ca 94147. Or use paypal, using the e-mail ban@richardwinger.com. If you subscribe by paypal, don’t forget to include your postal address. Thank you very much to all of you who already are subscribers. Without the income from the printed newsletter, the newsletter and this blog wouldn’t exist.

One comment

  1. IndependentVoice.Org :
    per Sunday, January 31st
    I just received a call from a CNN Producer in Los Angeles. CNN is looking to do interviews with independents during and after the State of the Union speech tomorrow (Wednesday) night.

    If you are an independent in the San Francisco or Los Angeles areas and would like to be part of the interviews, please respond ASAP. I need your name, city, and a very good phone number to reach you (cell phone preferred).

    Please note that this is not a sure thing, and TV news segments are often completely changed or scrapped at the last minute.

    This is potentially a very good opportunity for us to get an independent message on national TV.
    Independently yours,

    Jason Olson

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