Monthly Archives: February 2010

Two Important Court Hearings on March 4

On Thursday, March 4, two different courts will hear oral argument in two important election law cases: 1. The Indiana Supreme Court will hear League of Women Voters of Indiana v Rokita, the case that asks whether the law requiring photo voter-ID for almost all voters at the polls violates the State Constitution’s equal protection […]

COFOE Board Meets, Pledges Funds for Alabama Ballot Access Appeal

On February 28, the Coalition for Free and Open Elections (COFOE) held its annual board meeting, in New York city. COFOE is a coalition of most of the nation’s nationally-organized minor parties, as well as certain other organizations that support their right to be on the ballot. COFOE was formed in 1985. The board voted […]

Two Law Professors Pinpoint Disadvantage of Non-Partisan Elections

Law Professors Chris Elmendorf and David Schleicher have this op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle of February 28. They present evidence that non-partisan elections are faulty, because many voters are so dependent on party labels, they simply won’t vote in elections without party labels. The op-ed focuses on elections for San Francisco city office. The […]

Pennsylvania Greens Will Attempt Statewide Petition Drive in 2010

The Pennsylvania Green Party held a state nominating convention February 20-21 near Pittsburgh, and nominated a candidate for U.S. Senate, one for U.S. House, and four state house candidates. The party will attempt to place all its nominees on the 2010 ballot. The U.S. Senate candidate, Mel Packer, needs 19,056 valid signatures, due August 2. […]

Joe Schwarz, Former Michigan Congressman, Keeps State Guessing as on Possible Independent Gubernatorial Bid

Joe Schwarz, a former Republican congressman from Michigan, will say on Monday, March 1, whether or not he will run for Governor as an independent. See this story. Michigan has never had an independent candidate for Governor on a government-printed ballot. Michigan didn’t permit independent candidates for any office, until courts forced the state to […]

Public Funding Bill in U.S. House Gains 5 Co-Sponsors in Last Week

HR 1826, which provides for public funding for candidates for Congress, gained 5 co-sponsors in the last week, and now has 138. No other election-law bill in the House gained any co-sponsors in the last week, except for HR 3025. HR 3025, which requires states to use bipartisan redistricting commissions, gained one co-sponsor last week, […]

Virginia Bill on Who can See List of who Voted Hits a Snag

On February 25, a subcommittee of the Virginia House Privileges and Elections Committee completely altered SB 624. The bill, as passed unanimously by the Senate on February 1, expands the list of which groups can see the list of who voted in a recent past election. Currently political parties, candidates, and PACS can see the […]