Monthly Archives: March 2010

Ohio Supreme Court Puts Constitution Party Candidate on Primary Ballot, Sets Valuable Precedent

On March 31, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled 6-1 that Robert Owens should be on the Constitution Party’s primary ballot for Attorney General. Owens needed 500 valid signatures. The various counties checked his petitions and sent the results into the Secretary of State, who tallied the results and said he only had 481 valid signatures. […]

Missouri Primary Ballots in One U.S. House Race Will Include Two Republicans, Two Libertarians, and No Others

Filing has now closed for Missouri primaries, which are held on August 3 this year. In the U.S. House race, 9th district, two Republicans filed, and two Libertarians, but no Democrats and no one from the Constitution Party. See this story. To see the complete candidate list, see the Missouri Secretary of State’s web page […]

U.S. Supreme Court Puts Petitioning at Polls Case on April 16 Conference

The U.S. Supreme Court has put Citizens for Police Accountability v Browning, 09-861, on its April 16, 2010 conference. The decision on whether the court will hear the case will not be released until April 19 at the earliest. Sometimes the court mulls over whether to take a case, and then postpones making a quick […]

Republican Congressional Candidate Gets on New Mexico Primary Ballot Despite Republican Party Hostility

Adam Kokesh has qualified for the New Mexico Republican primary ballot for the U.S. House race, district 3. He did so by collecting a number of additional signatures equal to 2% of the number of votes cast in the 2008 Republican primary for Governor in that district. He had already collected the same number of […]

New Anti-Immigration Political Party

Late last year, William D. Johnson and others announced the formation of a new political party, called the American Third Position. It has filed for status as a political body in California, but otherwise does not seem to have carried out any ballot access work. The party’s web page is here. The program says, “We […]

Federal Court Asked to Stop Special Election for Columbia, South Carolina City Council

Columbia, South Carolina is holding its regular election for city officers on April 6. One city council district, district 2, was not scheduled to have an election this year. However, the incumbent resigned abruptly on March 9. The city then set a special election for that district for April 6, giving candidates only 4 days […]

Recent Challenge to a Pennsylvania Primary Petition May Have Used State Government Resources

In Pennsylvania, candidates seeking a place on a partisan primary ballot must submit petitions. The Pennsylvania primary this year is May 18. In Pennsylvania, elections officials assume that all petitions that contain, on their face, at least many signatures as are legally required, are valid. However, any private individual who is a member of the […]