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Veteran Libertarian Petitioner Collects 510 Illinois Signatures in One Day

Eric Dondero has been petitioning for twentyfive years, mostly for the Libertarian Party. He says that on April 30, he hit a new record number of signatures collected in one day, at Southern Illinois University, for the statewide Libertarian Party slate. Only people who have themselves petitioned will truly understand how tough it is to […]

The Guardian, a Leading British Newspaper, Endorses Proportional Representation and the Liberal Democratic Party

The Guardian, one of the leading daily newspapers of Great Britain, has this lengthy editorial, which resoundingly endorses proportional representation, and also endorses voting for the Liberal Democratic Party in the May 6 election. Thanks to Gene Berkman for the link.

Ninth Circuit Strikes Down Long Beach Limits on How Much Money may be Contributed to a Committee Making Independent Expenditures

On April 30, the 9th circuit issued an opinion in Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce v City of Long Beach, 07-55691. The decision strikes down limits on how much can be contributed to committees that make independent expenditures for or against candidates for city office. The vote was 3-0. Thanks to Rick Hasen for […]

Arizona Legislature Adjourns, Doesn't Pass Presidential Elector/Presidential Qualifications Bill

The Arizona legislature adjourned for the year on the evening of April 29. SB 1024 did not pass. It is the bill that started out as a simple bill to delete the names of presidential elector candidates from the November ballot. It was then amended to require presidential candidates of qualified parties to submit proof […]

Crist to be Listed Last in a List of Nine Candidates

Charlie Crist will be listed ninth (i.e, last) on the November 2008 ballot for the U.S. Senate race in Florida. See this CNN story. Florida lists the nominee of the party that won the governorship first. It lists any other party that has registration of 5% of the voters next. It lists the nominees of […]

Three Tea Party Candidates File for U.S. House in Florida

The Tea Party is a ballot-qualified party in Florida. Three candidates filed in the Florida Tea Party’s primary for U.S. House. In the 8th district, which includes much of Orlando, the Tea Party candidate is Peg Dunmire. The 8th district is a swing district which elected a Republican in 2006 but a Democrat, Alan Grayson, […]

Center for Governmental Studies Issues Neutral Report on Prop. 14

The Center for Government Studies has issued this 102-page report on California’s Proposition 14, the “top-two” ballot measure on the June 8, 2010 ballot. The study, by Molly Milligan, studies whether Proposition 14 would create more moderate California politicians. The study suggests that the measure would tend to create more moderates in the State Senate. […]