Monthly Archives: July 2010

Oregon Independent Party Releases Results of its Private Primary

The Independent Party, which is ballot-qualified in Oregon, released the results of its party-sponsored primary on July 30.  The party mailed a passcode to all its registered members, via postal mail, at great expense to the party.  The passcode enabled the registered members of the party to vote on the internet. This news story says […]

California Poll Includes All Ballot-Listed Candidates, But Finds Little Support for Minor Party Nominees

On July 30, the Public Policy Institute of California released a poll for the gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races.  The poll included many other questions as well, and can be seen here.  The election results start on page 32. For U.S. Senate, the results are:  Barbara Boxer, Democrat, 39%; Carly Fiorina, Republican, 34%; Gail Lightfoot, […]

Arkansas Green Party Loses Lawsuit Against Vote Test to Remain on Ballot

On July 29, a U.S. District Court in Arkansas upheld the vote test that determines whether a party may remain on the ballot automatically or not.  Green Party of Arkansas v Daniels, 4:09-cv-695.  Fortunately, the Green Party had done another petition for the 2010 election, so it is on the ballot this year anyway.  UPDATE:  […]

Eleventh Circuit Grants Injunction to Stop Extra Public Funding for One Florida Gubernatorial Candidate

On July 30, the 11th circuit reversed the U.S. District Court and enjoined Florida from paying extra public funding to William McCollum, a candidate for Governor in the Republican primary.  McCollum’s opponent, Richard Scott, had filed the lawsuit, which is Scott v Roberts, 10-13211.  The decision is 44 pages. The 2nd circuit had made a […]

U.S. Department of Justice Decides Not to Take a Position on Counting Write-in Votes

On June 30, the U.S. Justice Department said that the Department has decided not to take a position in the pending lawsuit Libertarian Party v District of Columbia Board of Elections, now pending in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.  The case challenges the practice of the Board of Elections to not count votes for […]

James Traficant Finds Error in State's Determination of How Many Signatures He Needs

James Traficant, a former Democratic member of Congress from Ohio, attempted to run this year as an independent candidate for U.S. House in Ohio’s 17th district.  However, he was told that he needed 2,199 valid signatures, and after his petition was checked, he was told that he only had 2092 valid signatures. Now elections officials […]

Carl Paladino Seems to Say He Will Run as Taxpayers Party Gubernatorial Candidate Even if he Doesn't Get Republican Nomination, but He Wouldn't Campaign

The July 30 Buffalo News has this confusing story, which seems to say that if Carl Paladino loses the New York Republican gubernatorial primary on September 14, he will still be listed on the November ballot as the nominee of his new Taxpayers Party.  But, if he loses the Republican primary, he would not campaign […]