Monthly Archives: October 2010

U.S. District Court in Washington State Postpones Trial in "Top-Two" Lawsuit

On October 29, U.S. District Court Judge John Coughenour, on his own motion, postponed the start of the trial in Washington State Republican Party v Washington State Grange from November 15, 2010, until January 18, 2011.  This is the case over the constitutionality of the top-two system.

North Carolina Counties Using iVotronic Vote-Counting Machines Must Tell Each Voter to Double-Check Machine Accuracy

On Friday, October 29, the state chair of the North Carolina Republican Party filed a lawsuit against the North Carolina State Board of Elections, complaining about the accuracy of the iVotronic vote-counting machines that are used in 35 counties.  The lawsuit is Fetzer v Bartlett, U.S. District Court, eastern district, 4:10cv-158-H. On Saturday, October 30, […]

Pennsylvania Ballot Access Rally at State Capitol Draws Some Press Attention

On October 29, Pennsylvanians who want ballot access reform held a rally at the State Capitol.  State Senator Mike Folmer, sponsor of one of this session’s ballot access reform bills, addressed the group.  See this story.  Thanks to Bill Van Allen for the link.

Arkansas Republican Nominee Hopes Arkansas Supreme Court Will Reinstate His Candidacy

On October 29, Tim Fite, Republican nominee for Arkansas State House, 83rd district, asked the State Supreme Court to rule that he is entitled to be a candidate in next week’s election.  On October 27 a Pulaski County Circuit Court had ruled that he is ineligible to run, because of a misdemeanor conviction in 1984.  […]

Alabama Lower Court Dismisses Case to Remove Republican Gubernatorial Nominee from Ballot

Late on October 29, a lower state court in Alabama dismissed a lawsuit that had been filed by a voter, for the purpose of removing Robert Bentley from the November 2 ballot.  Bentley is the Republican gubernatorial nominee.  The voter had charged that Bentley had broken campaign finance laws.  See this story.

Alaska Supreme Court Issues Revised Order, Now Says Regulation Against Showing List of Write-in Candidates to Voters is Unlawful

On October 29, the Alaska Supreme Court issued a revised order in State of Alaska v Alaska Democratic Party and Alaska Republican Party, S-14054.  This is the case over whether elections officials are permitted to show the list of declared write-in candidates to voters at the polls.  The new 7-page order says that the regulation […]

Richard Whitney Files Strong Lawsuit Against PBS TV Station on Debate Exclusion

On October 29, Richard Whitney, Green Party nominee for Illinois Governor, filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Chicago against WTTW, one of Chicago’s Public TV Stations, for sponsoring a debate and inviting only the Democratic and Republican nominees for Governor.  The case is Whitney v Window to the World Communications, 2010-cv-7003. In 1998, […]