Monthly Archives: November 2010

Murkowski Gets a Write-in Vote in Concrete Sidewalk

The New York Times has this picture and story about a “write-in vote” etched in a freshly-poured concrete sidewalk.

Nader Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Hear His Hawaii Ballot Access Case

On November 30, Ralph Nader asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear his ballot access case from Hawaii.  The case is Nader v Cronin, 10-728.  The case originated in 2004, and challenges the Hawaii policy that requires six times as many signatures for an independent presidential candidate, as for an entire new party.  When a […]

California Supreme Court Asks Attorney General to Respond in Case that Challenges Ballot Label Discrimination in Proposition 14

On November 29, the California Supreme Court asked California’s Attorney General to file a response brief in Field v Bowen, S188436.  This is the case that challenges two particular problems with the implementing law for California’s top-two system.  One of those problems is that the law does not let all candidates print their party label […]

Illinois House Kills Bill to Convert Open Primary to a Secret Open Primary

Illinois has always had an open primary.  Illinois has never asked voters to choose a party when they fill out voter registration forms.  Illinois primary rules require voters at the polls on primary day to publicly ask for one party’s primary ballot. Earlier this year, Governor Pat Quinn rewrote HB 4842, to convert it into […]

Challenge Period Opens for Chicago Candidates

November 30 is the first day for petitions to be challenged in Chicago.  All Chicago city elections are non-partisan, but that does not mean there are no ballot access hurdles for candidates.  See this story.

Joe Miller Lawsuit to Stop Alaska Vote Certification is Moved to State Court in Juneau

On November 29, a lower Alaska state court in Fairbanks held a hearing in Joe Miller’s lawsuit against the state of Alaska.  Miller, the Republican Party nominee for U.S. Senate,  had filed the lawsuit to stop the state from certifying Lisa Murkowski as the winner in the U.S. Senate race.  The judge in Fairbanks ruled […]

Potential Candidates in Two Upcoming California Special Elections Ask California Supreme Court for Relief on Ballot Labels

As of November 29, two potential candidates for upcoming California special legislative elections asked the California Supreme Court for judicial relief, to give them accurate ballot labels, instead of the label “no party preference.” The upcoming California special legislative elections are the first elections in which California’s top-two system will be in effect.  The candidates […]