Alaska Governor Certifies Lisa Murkowski Election

On December 30, Alaska state officials certified the U.S. Senate election results, showing that Lisa Murkowski was re-elected.  See this story.  Thanks to Rick Hasen’s ElectionLawBlog for the link.


  1. It is only over if the fat lady in the gerrymander U.S.A. Senate sings — since the Senate is the FINAL judge of the elections of its members.

    P.R. in the Senate OR abolish it.

  2. How many of the party hack gerrymander incumbents will prohibit write-ins and/or have primary sore loser laws (folks losing in primaries be unable to be elected) ???

    ANY write-in winner is a MAJOR threat to each regime in the U.S.A.

  3. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    Thank God, there will be at least one less “Herbert Hoover” type in the U.S. Senate,who was just itching to kill Social Security, dismantle Medicare and give a green light to the profiteers of capitalism.

  4. Dave Gillespie · · Reply

    I very much agree with you, Alabama Independent.

    And happy new year to Richard and to all of us who gather for information and discussion around his daily blog.

  5. #3 , #4 Super easy to be a STATIST Hitler / Stalin control freak with ALL of the income and assets of OTHER folks.

    How many DEAD folks in 1914-1945 due to STATISM ???

  6. Demo Rep · · Reply

    ALL of the legislative, executive and judicial MORONS in the AK regime blew off Bush v. Gore 2000 and the 2002 U.S.A. HAVA law —

    The States are supposed to have EXACT definitions of ***LEGAL*** votes — in ALL of their voting systems.

    NO *LEGAL* vote = NO counting of it.

    I.E. EXACT YES or NO *LEGAL* votes = NO *intent* mind reading JUNK stuff.

    SOOOOOOOO difficult in the nearly brain dead regimes in the U.S.A.

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