Monthly Archives: January 2011

California Appeals Court Says Candidate in Southern California Special Election May File Amicus in Field v Bowen

Field v Bowen is the lawsuit pending in the California Court of Appeals over two particular aspects of Proposition 14 and its implementing legislation. The case challenges the policy that says candidates who are members of qualified parties may have a party label on the ballot, but candidates who are members of unqualified parties may […]

West Virginia House Committee Also Passes Bill for Primary in Special Gubernatorial Election

On January 31, the West Virginia House Committee unanimously passed HB 2853, which sets up a primary for this year’s special gubernatorial election, and also sets rules for independent candidates and the nominees of unqualified parties. Policy committees in both houses have now passed bills to hold primaries. If no bill passes, the three qualified […]

Bill for British Referendum on Vote Systems Makes Headway

The British government desires to hold a ballot question in May 2011 on whether to use Instant Runoff Voting for British elections for House of Commons, but the bill authorizing that vote has been delayed in the House of Lords. According to this story, the Lords are likely to approve the bill on Wednesday, February […]

All Briefs Now Filed in 8th Circuit in North Dakota Ballot Access Case

On January 28, the North Dakota Libertarian Party filed this Reply Brief in North Dakota Libertarian Party v Jaeger, in the 8th circuit. This is the case that challenges that state’s ballot access rules for minor party legislative candidates. The law requires the legislative candidates of all qualified parties to run in a party primary, […]

Peace & Freedom Party Candidate Files Lawsuit Against New California Rules for Petitions in Lieu of Filing Fee

On January 31, Peace & Freedom Party candidate Daniel Frederick filed a lawsuit in state court in Sacramento, contesting the interpretation and constitutionality of the California Secretary of State’s rules for candidates who choose to file a petition in lieu of a filing fee, rather than paying the filing fee. The lawsuit especially contests the […]

New York Credico Case Moves Forward

The pending federal lawsuit against New York state’s discriminatory policy on fusion is beginning to move ahead. The case is Credico v New York State Board of Elections, in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, cv10-4555. In 2010, Randy Credico was the U.S. Senate nominee of both the Libertarian Party, and the Anti-Prohibition Party. New York […]

Republican Delegates from Utah Enclave Lose Ability to Help Choose New Republican Legislator

Utah’s Constitution says that when there is a vacancy in the legislature, the Governor fills the vacancy from a list submitted by the committee of the political party that had last held the seat. The Republican committee that represents the 57th State House is voting on January 29 on whom to recommend to fill the […]