Monthly Archives: February 2011

Ohio Secretary of State Outlines Election Administration Proposals, but says Nothing About Ballot Access

On February 28, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted held a press conference and outlined his ideas for improving election administration in Ohio. However, he said nothing about ballot access for parties, even though the state’s law on that subject was held unconstitutional over four years ago and the legislature has not passed a new […]

Brief Filed in Intra-Party American Independent Party Dispute

On February 28, the faction of the American Independent Party that is associated with the Constitution Party filed this ten-page brief. The case is called King v Robinson, and is pending in Superior Court in Solano County, California. There will be a hearing in Fairfield, California, on March 11, Friday, at 9 a.m. The dispute […]

Opening Brief Filed in California Case over One-Year Duration of Residency for State Legislative Candidates

On February 24, Heidi Fuller filed her opening brief in Fuller v Bowen in the State Court of Appeals, case number C065237. This is the case that challenges the California Secretary of State’s refusal to enforce the State Constitutional requirement that candidates for the legislature must have lived in their district for one year before […]

How Great Britain Regulates Party Labels on the Ballot

The British Electoral Commission has published this 15-page book, “Introduction to Registering a Political Party.” Candidates for the House of Commons handle their own ballot access, by submitting 10 signatures and a filing fee (called a “deposit”) of 500 pounds. Therefore, there is no connection between ballot access and whether any particular party is registered. […]

U.S. Supreme Court Again Postpones Decision on Whether to Hear Illinois Special U.S. Senate Election

On February 28, the U.S. Supreme Court released an orders list, showing which cases it decided to hear, or not to hear, at its February 24 conference. For the second week in a row, the Court has not yet decided whether to hear Burris v Judge, and/or Quinn v Judge, numbers 10-367 and 10-821. These […]

Ireland Waits Patiently While Votes Counted for Lower House of Parliament

On February 25, Ireland held an election for lower house of the national Parliament. These elections use proportional representation, and single transferable vote. See this story for a basic description. Because it takes some time to count ranked-choice ballots, a few of the results are still to be determined, as of February 27. However, no […]

Massachusetts Bill for a Combined Presidential Primary/Primary for Other Office, in June

Two Massachusetts representatives, James Dwyer (D-Woburn) and Bradley Jones (R-North Reading) have introduced HB 1972, to move the presidential primary from February to June. The bill also moves the primary for other office from September to June. The state would save money by holding only one primary instead of two. The bill, if enacted, would […]