Monthly Archives: March 2011

Michael Chamness Appeals to 9th Circuit; Court asks for Response from State by Noon on April 1

At 4:40 p.m. on March 31, Michael Chamness appealed to the 9th circuit, in his lawsuit to force elections officials to allow him to be listed on the ballot as either “independent” or “My party preference is the Coffee Party.” The 9th circuit quickly asked the Secretary of State’s attorneys to file a response by […]

Canadian Greens File Lawsuit for Debate Admission

See this story, which says that the Green Party of Canada has sued to gain admittance into next month’s debates. The election itself is May 2.

Asheville, North Carolina City Councilmember will Try to Qualify as an Independent for U.S. House in 2012

Cecil Bothwell says he will attempt to get on the ballot in North Carolina’s 11th district in 2012, as an independent candidate. No independent candidate has ever appeared on a government-printed ballot in North Carolina for either house of Congress. The current law requires a petition signed by 4% of the registered voters. However, bills […]

Vermont Secretary of State Appeals Favorable Ballot Access Ruling to State Supreme Court

On March 30, the Vermont Secretary of State filed a notice of appeal to the State Supreme Court, to try to overturn the February 22, 2011 ruling of a lower state court in Trudell v State. The lower court had ruled in that case that the June petition deadline is probably unconstitutional; but had agreed […]

West Virginia Legislature Adjourns, Having Passed Few Election Law Bills

The West Virginia legislature adjourned on March 18, having passed few election law bills. Bills that failed to pass included two bills to re-define “political party”. Currently, a qualified party is one that polled 1% for Governor at the last regular election. The bills would have added alternatives. Another bill that failed to pass would […]

Action on Tennessee Ballot Access Bill Postponed

The Tennessee bills to make slight improvements in ballot access for new and minor parties have been delayed. This is fortunate, because it will give more time for Tennessee activists to make their case that the bills are not nearly good enough. SB 935 was to have been voted on in the Senate floor on […]

Oklahoma Bill, Moving Petition Deadline to March 1, Advances

On March 31, the Oklahoma Senate Rules Committee passed HB 1615. The bill has already passed the House. It moves the petition deadline for a new party to submit its petition from May 1 to March 1. It also moves the primary (for office other than President) from July to June. It even says that […]