Monthly Archives: June 2011

Process Begins for Voters to Sign Up for Americans Elect Presidential Primary

On June 30, the Americans Elect web page was expanded, so that anyone can sign up to become a voter in the party’s process for choosing a presidential nominee. Those who sign up are also given a chance to answer 64 questions on policy. The web address is The voter sign-up asks for a […]

Ohio House Passes Bill Setting Early February Petition Deadline for New Party Petitions

On June 29, the Ohio House again passed HB 194. It had already been passed by the Senate. The House then (on June 29) accepted the Senate’s amendments, so the bill is through the legislature. The bill moves the presidential primary to the first week in May, and sets the petition deadline for new parties […]

Delaware Legislature Passes Bill Letting Voters Switch Parties; Will Help Ballot Access

On June 29, the Delaware House passed both SB 118 and SB 89. Both bills are now through the legislature. SB 89 moves the presidential primary from February to April, and SB 118 lets voters change party registration up until 60 days before the presidential primary. These bills, assuming they are signed into law, will […]

Philly News Article on Pennsylvania Ballot Access

Philly News of June 29 has this article about Pennsylvania ballot access for minor parties and independent candidates. The article was undoubtedly triggered by Ralph Nader’s recent letter to members of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on that subject.

Maine Struggles to get Precise Election Data Needed to Determine Political Party Ongoing Status

In 2009, the Maine legislature eased the vote test for a party to remain ballot-qualified. The old test required a party to poll 5% of the vote for the office at the top of the ticket, at either of the last two elections. This was a difficult test, but the Green Party satisfied it by […]

Clerk of U.S. House of Representatives Publishes November 2010 Election Results

Ever since 1920, the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives has been publishing a book that shows how many votes each candidate for Congress received in the preceding election. The Clerk has just published the latest volume, which is titled “Statistics of the Congressional Election of November 2, 2010.” The book is interesting because […]

Arkansas Judge Rules Initiative Petition Backers May Have 10 Days More to Gather More Signatures

On June 28, an Arkansas state circuit judge in Sebastian County ruled that organizers of a local initiative may have ten more days after their petition was rejected, to get more valid signatures. See this story. Arkansas is the only state in the nation that gives petitioning groups extra time to get more signatures, after […]