Monthly Archives: July 2011

Kentucky Gubernatorial Poll

A recent poll for the Kentucky gubernatorial race of November 2, 2011, shows these results: Democrat Steve Beshear, 52%; Republican David Williams, 28%; independent Gatewood Galbraith 9%; undecided 11%. Thanks to Political Wire for the link.

Americans Elect Official Suggests Candidate Certification Committee Will Bar Candidates from Nomination Process Based on Their Political Views

According to this story in the July 31 Christian Science Monitor, Elliot Ackerman, chief operating officer for Americans Elect, recently told the press that the group’s Candidate Certification Committee will “make sure we have candidates who bridge the center of American public opinion.” This is the first indication that Americans Elect will filter candidates for […]

Knoxville Newspaper Story on New Ballot Access Lawsuit in Tennessee

The Knoxville News Sentinel has this story on the new ballot access lawsuit filed two weeks ago by the Constitution and Green Parties. The lawsuit has gained a great deal of publicity. By contrast, when the original ballot access lawsuit was filed in 2007 by three minor parties, it got no publicity at all when […]

Center for Voting and Democracy ("Fairvote") Explains Why it Doesn't Support Approval Voting

The Center for Voting and Democracy, also known as Fairvote, is a national organization that works for Instant Runoff Voting and proportional representation. It really posted this statement of why it doesn’t also support approval voting.

Independent Voting's President Jacqueline Salit's Past Views on Political Parties

Between January 1984 and December 1994, the New Alliance Party published a weekly newspaper, “The National Alliance.” During the entire period of the newspaper’s existence, the masthead listed Jacqueline Salit at the top of the roster as “Executive Editor.” Today, Salit is President of Independent Voting, which holds itself out as the leader of independent […]

North Carolina Senator Suggests Legislature Will Work on Ballot Access This Year

This news story, from a blog that covers North Carolina politics, quotes Senator Tom Apodaca, chair of the Senate Rules Committee, as predicting that the legislature will consider ballot access this year. HB 32, which improves ballot access, has already passed the House and the Senate Rules Committee, but it has been unclear when it […]

Briefing Schedule Set in District of Columbia Write-in Counting Lawsuit

The U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. circuit, has set a briefing schedule in Libertarian Party v D.C. Board of Elections, the case over whether election officials must count the votes cast for a declared write-in candidate for President. The three briefs should all be filed by October 25. The case arose in 2008, when Bob […]