Thomas Friedman Column in July 24 New York Times Boosts Americans Elect

The Sunday New York Times print edition, July 24, has this column by Times columnist Thomas Friedman. It describes and praises Americans Elect.

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  1. Mark B. · · Reply

    I know I called the other article informative, but this one is just FULL of specifics. Critics and proponents of the effort alike will want to read up.

    Looks like AE is coming out of its shell. Thanks to BAN for being on the lookout for this kind of thing.

    Sunday NYT circulation is 1.3 million people!

  2. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Are the AE folks from outer space — or even inner space ???

    Uniform definition of Elector in ALL of the U.S.A. — a SELF-DEFENSE item to save Democracy.

    nonpartisan App.V. for all elected executive offices and all judges

    ALL of the 1787 gerrymander stuff is now a SUPER-timebomb loved only by math retards living in the DARK AGE.

  3. Thanks for he link. Interesting article. 1.6 million seems like they are cutting it close, unless Arno has found some way to clean up the duplicates.

  4. Brad M · · Reply

    Friedman makes an incorrect statement that AE’s candidate will be able to take part in the presidentail debates. The Commission on Presidential Debates will set that criteria.

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