Monthly Archives: August 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Will Testify in Criminal Trial Involving Funds Channelled Through Independence Party

The New York Post reports that Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be a witness in the trial that opens September 12, in the matter of the money that Bloomberg contributed to the Independence Party and which the Independence Party then passed on to John Haggerty. Haggerty was to use the money to help the Bloomberg re-election […]

Arizona Republic Columnist Thinks Arizona Lawsuit Against Voting Rights Act May Win

Robert Robb, columnist for the Arizona Republic, the daily newspaper of Phoenix, writes here that Arizona has a good chance of winning its recently filed lawsuit against part of the federal Voting Rights Act. The case, filed last week, is State of Arizona v Holder, U.S. District Court, Washington D.C., 11-1559. It has been assigned […]

Americans Elect Web Page Posts New National Signature Count

During the early summer of 2011, the Americans Elect web page posted a new national signature count for its various statewide petitions every week. This national total represented the sum of how many signatures had been collected around the nation on its various state petitions. But the July 28 posting of 1,747,557 had not been […]

Concord, New Hampshire Newspaper Carries Op-Ed on Furor over Republican State Chair's Signing Libertarian Ballot Access Petition

Howard Wilson, a long-time Libertarian Party activist in New Hampshire, has this op-ed in the Monitor, the daily newspaper of Concord, New Hampshire. Wilson points out that some of the Republican Party officials who are criticizing the state chair of the Republican Party for signing a Libertarian Party ballot access petition, themselves signed petitions to […]

California Legislators Consider Moving all Initiatives away from Primary Election Dates

This CalBuzz article says Democrats in the California legislature may introduce a bill (or amend another election law bill to add a new provision) soon to provide that initiatives, no matter when they are submitted, will not appear on the June primary ballot. Instead they would wait and be placed on the November ballot. The […]

California Legislature Passes Bill Banning Paying Registration Workers on a Per-Card Basis

On August 29, the California Assembly passed SB 205 by a vote of 49-27. It makes it illegal for voter registration workers to be paid on a per-card basis. This bill is especially damaging to new and minor parties, because as a result of Proposition 14, the only method for parties to obtain qualified status, […]

Tucson Republicans Succeed in Nominating a Mayoral Candidate on Write-in Votes

On August 30, Tucson, Arizona, held partisan primaries for Mayor and other city office. No one had filed to be on the Republican ballot for Mayor, but a write-in candidate polled enough votes to be nominated. The only party with at least two candidates on the ballot for Mayor was the Green Party. See this […]