New York Times Lengthy Story on Green Party Success Around the World (except the United States)

The September 2 New York Times print edition has this lengthy story on Green Party success around the world. The story focuses mostly on Germany, but covers many nations.

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  1. Wow. This article hails the party’s success in Germany and in Australia’s upper house, but doesn’t say a SINGLE WORD about proportional representation?

    Without PR, the party would have ZERO seats in those bodies, instead of the ~10% they have in each.

  2. Jerry Mander · · Reply

    (Go Green Parties!)

    Yes, P.R. would be extremely helpful.

    … and App.V. also, please, while we’re at it.

    Speaking of which, I guess I need to include the following disclaimer … sigh:

    Gerrymander donkey elephant MORON robot party hacks.
    Separate NOT equal gerrymander supreme court MORON regime gerrymander. Marbury v. Madison.


  3. Media coverage of campaigns is also an important factor. I regularly run news searches on the Green Party and there is more coverage of European Greens than U.S. Greens.

  4. @Ann:

    I think, in this case, it’s less that coverage helps you win, and more that winning gets you coverage.

    Most of Europe has proportional systems (England and France being the notable exceptions), and so the Greens win, and so you see them in the news.

  5. Um, this story forgets to mention (conveniently) that Canada elected its first GP member of parliament this year. Perhaps North America isn’t in the world in which the Green Party is gaining ground according to the Times.

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