Monthly Archives: November 2011

Final Brief Filed in Massachusetts Presidential Substitution Lawsuit

On November 30, the Libertarian Party filed the final brief in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in Libertarian Association of Massachusetts v Galvin, SJ-2011-0348. Here is the memorandum in support of the party’s motion for summary judgment.

Ninth Circuit Web Page Posts Link to Audio Recording of Oral Argument in Washington State Top-Two Case

Anyone who wishes to hear a recording of the oral argument of November 29 in Washington Republican Party v Washington State may do so by using this link. The hearing lasted an hour.

Buddy Roemer Says, "I'm Going to Do It"

Here is a link to a transcript in which Buddy Roemer appeared on the Neil Cavuto Show on Fox. If one reads the second page, one finds that the story’s headline is really too weak. Roemer says, “I’m going to do it” when asked if he will run for President outside the two major parties.

Some South Dakota Officials Want to Introduce Bill to Prohibit Ex-Felons from Circulating Petitions

This news story says the South Dakota Elections Board, or some members, apparently want to get a bill introduced in 2012 to make it illegal for ex-felons to circulate petitions. This detail is near the end of the article. The article suggests that Secretary of State Jason Gant is not in favor of this idea, […]

New York Post Columnist Says Legislative Special Session Needed Next Month to Avoid Election-Administration Chaos

Michael Benjamin, a New York Post columnist, urges that the New York legislature be called into special session in December to work on the problem that the state’s non-presidential September primary must be changed to an earlier date, due to the federal law on overseas absentees ballots. The hearing in U.S. District Court in the […]

Rocky Anderson, former Salt Lake City Mayor, Announces Intent to Build a New Political Party

On November 29, Rocky Anderson, former Mayor of Salt Lake City, and a man of many other accomplishments, said he will attempt to form a new political party and to seek that party’s nomination. Here is the wikipedia article on Anderson. The new party will probably be called the Justice Party, and will take political […]

Some Massachusetts Democrats Now Regret Moving Non-Presidential Primary to Coincide with Democratic National Convention

This story reveals that some important Massachusetts Democratic politicians are unhappy that the legislature recently passed a bill moving the 2012 non-presidential primary to September 6. September 6 is also the last day of the national Democratic convention.