Washington Post Carries Ralph Nader Letter About Ballot Access

The January 28 print edition of the Washington Post carries this letter to the editor from Ralph Nader. Nader commends U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for fighting for voting rights for voters, but points out that the administration has been silent about ballot access for candidates. Nader also advocates that Congress pass a national ballot access bill for federal elections. Bills to do this have been introduced in nine sessions of Congress during the last 26 years. They were introduced first by John Conyers (D-Michigan), then Tim Penny (D-Minnesota), and then by Ron Paul (R-Texas). No such bill is pending in the current session of Congress. Thanks to Bill Van Allen for the link.


  1. 1000 Possible Parties/Independents · · Reply

    The Elected Members of the Presidential Debate Committee (PDC)

    Roseanne Barr [Green Tea] for President

    James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] for President

    Tina Cook [Independent] for President

    Jim Burns [Libertarian] for President

    Miss Joy Waymire [Libertarian] for President

    Mosheh Thezion [Libertarian] for President

    Danny (Dan) Woodring [Independent] for President

    Mike Levinson [Republican / Independent] for President

    JL Mealer [Constitution] for President

    Ralph Beach [Libertarian / Independent] for President

    Rhett Smith [Green] for President

    Diane Beall Templin [American Independent] for President

    Max Abramson [Libertarian] for President

    Thomas Robert Stevens [Objectivist] for President

    Sam Sloan [Libertarian] for President

    R. Lee Wrights [Libertarian] for President

    Gary Johnson [Libertarian] for President

  2. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Ballot access stuff is now WAR stuff — just like gerrymanders in ALL 50 States.

    Are ALL of the top Donkeys/Elephant ANTI-democratic ??? Duh.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

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