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Texas Democrats, Republicans, Ask U.S. District Court to Alter 2012 Ballot Access in Texas

On February 29, the Texas Republican Party and Texas Democratic Party submitted a joint proposal to the 3-judge U.S. District Court that is hearing the redistricting case. The two parties advocate these policies for minor party and independent candidate ballot access for 2012: 1. Petitions for newly-qualifying parties, and for independent candidates for President, and […]

Maine Governor Denies that He Will Ask Legislature to Extend Primary Petition Deadline

This story says that earlier press reports that Maine Governor Paul LePage would ask the legislature for a later petition deadline, for primary candidates, are incorrect. The story also mentions the very large field of Maine major party politicians who will be petitioning to get on the Democratic or Republican primary ballots for either U.S. […]

Texas State Court Gets Involved In Ballot Access Over Student Body Elections

In the United States, ballot access lawsuits can even involve student body elections, as this article shows. A Texas state court judge has postponed an election for the presidency of the University of Texas student body, so as to settle a dispute over whether the student body election rules violate Freedom of Association.

Arizona Senate Passes Bill to Ask Voters if they Wish to Eliminate Public Funding

On February 28, the Arizona Senate passed SCR 1021, which would put a ballot measure on the November 2012 ballot, asking voters if they wish to stop funding public funding for candidates for state office. The vote was 21-9. All Republicans voted “Yes” and all Democrats voted “No.” Now the measure goes to the House.

Virginia Senate Committee Passes Two Bills to Help with Petitioning This Year

On February 28, the Virginia Senate Privileges and Elections Committee unanimously passed two bills that will help petitions this year, for both primary candidates and general election candidates. Both bills had previously passed the House. HB 1151 says 2012 petitions are valid if they use the old U.S. House districts from the 2001-2010 period. This […]

Alan Keyes' Party Qualifies for Florida Ballot

On February 27, the Florida Secretary of State said that America’s Party is now ballot-qualified. It had been formed in the summer of 2008 by Alan Keyes, after he lost the race for the Constitution Party presidential nomination. In 2008 it was called America’s Independent Party. After three years of electoral inactivity, the party has […]

Nebraska Secretary of State Reveals Names of Presidential Primary Candidates for Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians

On February 29, the Nebraska Secretary of State said he will place these names on presidential primary ballots: Republican: Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum. Democratic: President Obama. Libertarian: Roger Gary, R. J. Harris, Gary Johnson, Carl Person, Bill Still, R. Lee Wrights. Anyone who doesn’t wish to be listed may remove his […]