Monthly Archives: March 2012

Timothy Noah Article in New Republic on Federal Campaign Finance

This article by Timothy Noah, which appears in The New Republic, is an unusually clear article about campaign finance in federal elections. It illustrates that large for-profit corporations have generally not spent money commenting on candidates for federal office, even though Citizens United v FEC permits them to do so. The article explains that the […]

Guam Governor Vetoes Bill that Required Candidates to Poll 4% in Primary in Order to Advance to General Election

On March 27, Guam Governor Eddie Calvo, a Republican, vetoed Bill 413, a comprehensive re-write of the election code. One of the provisions that the Governor objects to is one that says no candidate in the primary may advance to the general election ballot unless he or she polls 4% of the primary vote, or […]

Nebraska Bill Advances, Would Make it Easier for Parties to Remain on the Ballot

On March 30, Nebraska LB 1035 passed the Senate on second reading. This is the bill to make it easier for a party to remain on the ballot. Currently, it must pass the 5% vote test every two years. The bill says that when a party passes the 5% vote test, it is then ballot-qualified […]

British Minor Party, the Respect Party, Wins a Surprise Victory for House of Commons in Special Election

On Marcy 29, Great Britain held a special election to fill a vacant seat in the House of Commons in Bradford, a city in Yorkshire. In a surprise, the Respect Party won the seat with over 50% of the vote. The ballot had 8 parties listed. The special election was needed because the Labour incumbent […]

New Mexico Constitution Party and New Mexico Green Party Sue over Too-Early Petition Deadline

On March 29, the Green Party and the Constitution Party jointly filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court, alleging that the New Mexico deadline for petitions to qualify a party is too early. That deadline is the first Tuesday of April, which this year is April 3. Here is the complaint. The case is Constitution […]

Black Caucus of Green Party Endorses Roseanne Barr for Presidential Nomination

According to this story, the Black caucus of the Green Party has endorsed Roseanne Barr for the party’s presidential nomination.

Oklahoma Says Americans Elect Petition Has Enough Valid Signatures

The Oklahoma State Board of Elections has determined that the Americans Elect petition for party status has enough valid signatures. This is the first time any newly-qualifying party has been recognized in Oklahoma since 2000. The Board says the Libertarian Party has 41,070 valid signatures, which is short of the legal requirement of 51,739. The […]