Monthly Archives: May 2012

California Assembly Passes Same-Day Voter Registration Bill

On May 31, the California Assembly passed AB 1436 by a vote of 42-24. It makes it possible for individuals to register to vote on election day. If the bill becomes law, California will be the first large-population state to allow same-day registration. Thanks to Rob Richie for this news.

Lyndon LaRouche Supporter Wins Texas Democratic Primary for U.S. House

Kesha Rogers, a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche, appears to have won a narrow victory for the Texas U.S. House Democratic nomination in the 22nd district. The district is south of Houston. The vote is Rogers 3,659; K. P. George, 3,553. However, these are unofficial results, although all precincts have reported. Rogers won the same nomination […]

Gary Johnson Becomes Second Presidential Candidate This Year to Qualify for Primary Season Matching Funds

The Federal Election Commission has approved Gary Johnson’s request for primary season matching funds. Independent Political Report has the story here. The only other presidential candidate who has received primary season matching funds this year is Buddy Roemer, but, as noted earlier, he is no longer seeking the presidency.

U.S. District Court Enjoins Parts of Florida Law that Puts Severe Restrictions on Groups that Register Voters

On May 31, U.S. District Court Judge Robert L. Hinkle granted injunctive relief to some organizations that wish to register voters in Florida. Here is the 27-page order. The case is League of Women Voters of Florida v Browning, 4:11cv628. The laws that were enjoined were passed by the legislature in 2011. The first law […]

Buddy Roemer Drops Out of Presidential Race

On May 31, Buddy Roemer said he is no longer a candidate for President. Even though Americans Elect had said on May 17 that it would not nominate anyone for President, Roemer had still been a candidate for the Reform Party nomination. The Reform Party is ballot-qualified in Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Courtesy of […]

Texas Primary Turnout This year is Less than Half of Primary Turnout in 2008

Texas held its primary for president and all other partisan office on May 29. Although final election returns are not available, the preliminary returns show only 1,443,782 votes in the Republican primary for President, and only 587,146 in the Democratic primary for President, for a total of 2,030,927 votes cast in both primaries together. Texas […]

Stephen Dolgos Files to Run for Congress in Arizona in the Americans Elect Primary

On May 30, filing for the Arizona primaries closed, for candidates who wish to have their names placed on primary ballots. Stephen Dolgos of New River, Arizona, filed 171 signatures to run in the Americans Elect primary for Congress in the new 8th district. As far as is known, he is the first person who […]