Sixth Circuit Sets July 25 Hearing Date in Tennessee Ballot Access Case

The Sixth Circuit will hear arguments in Green Party of Tennessee v Hargett on July 25, Wednesday, at 9 a.m. The hearing will be in Cincinnati. The state hopes to persuade the court to remove the Constitution and Green Parties from the ballot. There will probably also be argument on the part of the U.S. District Court decision that said states must give all parties an equal chance to be listed first on the ballot.


  1. Tony Wall · · Reply

    What is a typical time frame for a decision on a case like this?

  2. Tony Wall · · Reply

    Does that mean a decision will be rendered on July 25th?

  3. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #3, probably not, but it would come very soon after that date.

  4. Tony Wall · · Reply

    Thanks Richard. The TN deadline for qualifying is August 16, 2012. I assume it is probable a decision will be rendered by 8-16. We’ve been talking about strategies for our candidates. The Democratic Convention ends September 6. Our ‘legal’ window is very narrow if the state’s appeal is unsuccessful.

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