Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley Supports the Idea of a New Party that Could Win 20 Seats or So in Congress

Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley is being interviewed on various media outlets about his new book, “We Can All Do Better.” On KCBS radio in San Francisco on the morning of May 20, he said that he wishes there were a new political party that would focus on Congressional elections. He said even if that new party won twenty seats in Congress, it could change national economic policy.

Ironically, the worst ballot access laws in the nation are those for independent candidates for U.S. House. There is no state that has a truly impossible ballot access law for minor party and independent candidates for President, although Oklahoma comes close for that office. But for U.S. House, the laws are far more repressive. No independent candidate for U.S. House has ever appeared on a government-printed ballot in either North Carolina or South Carolina. And no minor party or independent candidate for U.S. House has been able to comply with Georgia’s existing law since it was toughened in 1964. Yet the lower courts have repeatedly upheld these laws, even though in both 1974 and 1977 the U.S. Supreme Court said that ballot access laws that are so tough they are seldom used, are probably unconstitutionally difficult. And when these cases from Georgia and North Carolina are appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear them.


  1. Michigan Voter · · Reply

    I wish Bill Bradley has attempted to gain the Americans Elect nomination.

  2. Lee Mortimer · · Reply

    Good point, Michigan Voter.

  3. I have been talking about this for awhile. I will write something: an e-book, op-ed, etc. about this. The working title is A Long Road Back to the ‘People’s House’. The beginning of that road is to remove the major party’s majority. This does not have to be another party. But Richard is right, it is not easy.

  4. […] Democratic U.S. Senator, Rhodes Scholar, Olympic gold medal winner, and NBA champion. Now, he is apparently now discussing openly the idea of a minor party which would hope to win twenty or so Congressional seats. Former […]

  5. Demo Rep · · Reply

    How many of the genius MORONS like Bradley have ever heard about P.R. ??? — used in most of the CIVILIZED nations in the free world.

    See Germany, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa — the 2 latter being ex-Brit colonies.

  6. Jim Riley · · Reply

    The California Constitution makes no distinction among independent and minor party candidates for Congress.

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