Link to Kentucky Primary Election Returns

The web page of the Kentucky State Board of Elections has primary election returns. As of 9 p.m. eastern, Mitt Romney is winning 66.8% of the vote in the Republican primary against several opponents. In the Democratic primary, President Obama is winning 59.0% against the only other choice on the ballot, which is “uncommitted.” See this link.

Kentucky has a closed primary.


  1. Nick Kruse · · Reply

    Appears the all-but-certain nominees of both major parties are having a hard time getting the members of their respective parties to like them.

  2. And on the GOP side none of this matters because the straw poll doesn’t matter the delegates do. The real battle is at the state convention.

  3. Actually, in Kentucky it does matter, at least for the first ballot. Romney got all 42 contested delegates as Ron Paul failed to get the 15%. I was really hoping that Mitch McConnell (who I lost to as a delegate at the district convention by a vote of 71 to 55) would have been forced to vote for Ron Paul.

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