Green Party Watch Analyzes the Race for the Green Party Nomination

This Green Party Watch article sets out the delegate counts for president, for the Green Party. The national convention is July 13-15 in Baltimore. The article documents that Dr. Jill Stein has a considerable lead over Roseanne Barr, but Barr has the potential of gaining on her.


  1. Jed Siple · · Reply

    What race? Stein’s got it. GPW is just trying to get some measure of interest for the race. I think most within the Green Party realize that having someone as mentally unstable as Roseanne at the top of the ticket is an incredibly bad idea.

  2. Peter Gemma · · Reply

    how many states will host the Green Party line?

  3. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #2, that isn’t determined. It depends partly on whether Jill Stein succeeds in getting primary season matching funds. If she does, she can use the money to pay for circulators to get the Green Party on the ballot. That is independent of who gets the nomination.

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