Constitution Party and Republican Party are Only Parties with Statewide Primary Ballots in Utah This Year

The Utah primary, for president and all other office, is June 26. Utah only prints up primary ballots for parties that have at least two candidates for an office. This year, there are no Libertarian primary ballots, no Green Party primary ballots, no Justice Party primary ballots, and no Americans Elect primary ballots, because those parties have no primary contests. Even among Democrats and Republicans, there are few offices on those parties’ primary ballots, because in Utah, no one can get on a primary ballot unless he or she shows significant support at an earlier party endorsement meeting. This year there is no Democratic primary ballot in most counties of the state, because there are no contested Democratic primaries for any statewide office.

The Constitution Party does have a primary contest for Governor, between Kirk D. Pearson and Brandon W. Nay. No other party, not even the Democrats or Republicans, have a primary ballot that lists the Governor’s race, because those parties only have one person running for Governor. The Utah Constitution Party lets all registered voters choose a Constitution Party primary ballot. Here is a link to the list of primary candidates for Utah this year for all parties.


  1. Nick Kruse · · Reply

    All third parties should try to have meaningful primaries. It is a great way to get free publicity.

  2. mbelleville · · Reply

    No access for Rocky Anderson aka Justice Party?

  3. There is no need for the Justice Party to have a presidential primary in Utah or any state. The lack of a primary ballot has no impact on getting on the November ballot.

  4. So the only reason the CP is on because of the Governor’s race. What is the pricetag for that?

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