Even More South Carolina Candidates May Lose Ballot Position in June 12 Primary

The South Carolina Supreme Court will hear a case on June 4, in which the Democratic Party argues that some of the Republicans on the June 12 Republican primary ballot should not be listed. See this story.

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  1. Jim Riley · · Reply

    The article says:

    ” In the affidavit, Pickle cited Title 8, Chapter 13 of the state code, which defines public officials as ‘an elected or appointed official of the State… including candidates for the office.’ ”

    The statute that the SC Supreme Court interpreted says:

    SECTION 8-13-1356. Filing of statement of economic interests by candidates for public office.

    (A) This section does not apply to a public official who has a current disclosure statement on file with the appropriate supervisory office pursuant to Sections 8-13-1110 or 8-13-1140.

    In other articles, the Florence County Republican Party said that their candidates had filed the SEI electronically on a computer at wherever they were taking candidate filings.

    So if a candidate is a “public official” and that public official files an SEI in the presence of the party official who is taking his declaration of candidacy, is that candidate in compliance with the law.

    Or does the Bobby Barger Busywork Act require the two forms to be handed to the party official simultaneously, in order for an ordinary decent citizen to be transformed into both a candidate and public official for purposes of ethics reporting. What if the citizen hands the declaration of candidacy and then the SEI? Or what if they are stacked, with the SEI on the bottom? What if they are stapled together but with the SEI on the bottom?

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