New York Moves Legislative, Local Primary from September 11 to September 13

On May 21, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed S7418 and A10112. These identical bills move the 2012 primary for legislative and local office from September 11 to September 13. This means New York will be voting on a Thursday this year instead of a Tuesday, for that primary. Legislators and others felt that September 11 should be a day to reflect on the 2001 tragedy, and should not be an election day.

The bills had been introduced on May 11 and passed on May 21. This shows how fast the New York legislature can make an election law change, when there is consensus for that change. Thanks to Mike Drucker for this news.


  1. Demo Rep · · Reply

    The 911 victims can and will be remembered by the defense of Democracy against Stone Age BARBARIANS — foreign and domestic.

    i.e. should NOT have been a date change.

  2. This year, NYC voters will go to the polls 5 times: a special election still not decided, the Presidential primary, the Congressional primary, the State primary, and the General Election. The congressional primary was moved to June due to the MOVE Act to make sure military and overseas ballots arrive on time. But in the wisdom of the State’s Legislature, State ballots will make the journey even though the primary is on 9/13/2012 and the General Election is on 11/8/2012. If Congress moved their primary date to June to give time to count the ballots and handle the recounts and court cases, this State does not care about the issue or the cost.

  3. The NY BOE now shows the General Election as 11/6/2012 but shows the wrong date for the Sept. Primary.

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