Ralph Nader Asks for Rehearing in D.C. Court of Appeals, in Bank Account Seizure Case

On May 24, Ralph Nader filed this 12-page petition for rehearing in Nader v Serody, 09-cv-906, in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. This is the case over whether Pennsylvania Democratic challengers are entitled to seize over $50,000 from Nader’s bank accounts in D.C., as payment for court costs in 2004 when Nader’s ballot access petition was found not to have enough valid signatures.

The petition for rehearing is a response to the D.C. Court of Appeals decision two weeks ago that gave the approval for the funds seizure. The petition for rehearing explains that the D.C. court had been wrong two weeks ago when it ruled that Nader had an opportunity to present new evidence in the Pennsylvania courts. The new evidence was that petition challenge had been carried out illegally, by state employees, on state time, using state resources. Even newer evidence is that the attorney for the challengers himself directed this illegal activity.


  1. R.A. Wheeler · · Reply

    Wonderful news about the attorney who represents the challengers. Astonishing how far courts and states will go to cover up their own lawlessness. Dreadful if this eventually goes before the majority of the Supremes.

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