Web Page "Electad" Collects and Displays All Presidential Candidate Ads, Speeches, Interviews, Rallies, Debates

A fairly new web page called “Electad.com” was launched in October 2011. Starting in February 2012, it has been posting all known presidential and vice-presidential video ads, speeches, interviews, rallies, and debates. The site is non-partisan and welcomes input and new entries from its viewers. A quick look at the site shows entries relating to the Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian Parties, and perhaps others. The site only posts complete events, not just snippets. Thanks to Political Activity Law for this news.


  1. Demo Rep · · Reply

    How many polisci wannabee profs will be writing JUNK papers about all the JUNK on the website ???

    How about dig up/down the 1932 stuff — to compare with what followed in 1933-1945 ???

  2. There are some organization and inclusiveness issues with the site. It only posts material from Democrats and Republicans and Johnson. Randall Terry is listed under the “GOP Primary Archives” although he ran as a delegate. There is stuff from the Greens that could be posted, including interviews with both Stein and Barr. Additionally, the Constitution Party convention is over and done with. Video is available, but not here.

    Nice collection of ads, though.

  3. Thanks for posting this post we really appreciate it.

    In response to the comments made by Scott West.

    You may have missed it, but we did post the constitution party convention, in fact we were the first website to post it even before C-Span did http://electad.com/topics/constitution-party/

    As for other items you mention, we are only a small team and we can only post what we can get hold of. We did reach out to ALL the campaigns and asked them to provide us with content or at least advise us of their schedules so we could follow them, only the Obama and Romney campaigns responded.

    Like it or not, Obama and Romney are the main party nominees and are widely covered by the media so video of their events are much easier to obtain.

    The other candidates do not do many events and when they do it’s not really covered and hardly available.

    Gary Johnson was added recently, thanks to a Johnson supporter who volunteered to assist us with his videos.

    We will gladly add candidates of other parties, if they have events, but placing them in the main menu’s with nothing to post would be pointless.

    We invite supporters of candidates to submit videos of their candidates and we’ll post them.

    You mention Randall Terry being in the wrong section. When we set up the site, Terry was creating some buzz so we put him up, the “GOP Primary Archive” was originally titled “Primary Archives” where we moved the candidates after the campaigns ended. We recently changed it to GOP Archives, The Dems didn’t really have a primary we just left Terry in that category when we renamed it.

    Our mission is to be STRICTLY unbiased, we truly don’t play the media game. If an item you are looking for is not posted first try the search box, if it’s not available it’s either because we couldn’t get hold of a video or we may not be aware of the event even existing.

    We welcome comments and suggestions, and we home to respond to all emails and queries. Fell free to email us editor@electad.com

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