Alex Pires, Delaware Businessman, Will Attempt to be First Candidate to Petition as Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate in Delaware

Businessman Alex Pires will attempt to qualify for the November Delaware ballot as an independent candidate for U.S. Senate. See this story. He is well-known enough to have already appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s Fox network interview show.

No one has ever petitioned onto the Delaware ballot as an independent candidate for U.S. Senate. Before 1978, Delaware didn’t have procedures for independent candidates for any office. In 1976 Joseph F. McInerney, an independent candidate, sued Delaware over this flaw in its election laws, and a U.S. District Court put him on the ballot.

Pires will need 6,080 valid signatures by July 15. Delaware traditionally invalidates petitions for tiny technicalities, such as a signature that doesn’t perfectly match the signature on the voter’s registration form. Assuming he gets on the ballot, he will be listed on the far-right hand portion of the ballot, in a spot that many voters may not even notice.


  1. Good evening…When & where do I sign your petition ? I could not find this information.
    Regarding your comment that the Democratic candidate always appears on top, then the Repulbican, then all minorities and then the 40% that are Independants (Gallup’s new poll)!!!! Unbelievable !!!!
    Also, you can sign up as a Democrat or Republican at the Delaware Motor Vehicle Department, but these are THE ONLY CHOICES !!!
    Alex, you have struck a nerve. “Shake IT UP”

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