Both Major Parties May Nominate Write-in Candidates in Michigan Primary for U.S. House, 11th district

According to this story in the Detroit News, the surprising failure of incumbent Congressman Thad McCotter to get on the Republican primary ballot may bring new candidates into the race. McCotter, an incumbent, is running for re-election in Michigan’s U.S. House district 11. The district contains western parts of Wayne and Oakland Counties, and is considered fairly safe for Republicans.

Because McCotter failed to get 1,000 valid signatures to appear on the August 7 primary ballot, he will probably be a write-in candidate in that primary. But according to the story, he may have difficulty winning the nomination, because there is another Republican whose name is printed on the ballot. Also, a more prominent Republican may also launch a write-in campaign. And, although two Democrats are on the Democratic primary ballot (one of them a Lyndon LaRouche supporter), the uncertainty for this seat may mean a more prominent Democrat may also enter the race and become a write-in candidate in the Democratic primary. UPDATE: according to this story, only 244 of McCotter’s 1,830 signatures were valid.

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  1. Demo Rep · · Reply

    How about a 100 years in jail FELONY for each illegal signature ??? — especially forged and cut/paste signatures.

    The false stuff is a direct attempt to subvert Democracy — i.e. OVERTHROW the Fed and State Constitutions

    NOT some fun stunt at the beach.

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