Four of Arizona's Five Qualified Parties Submit Presidential Elector Candidates by the Deadline

Arizona requires ballot-qualified parties that intend to place a presidential nominee on the November ballot to submit their presidential elector candidates by May 30. No other state requires such early submission of presidential elector candidates.

On May 30, the Democratic, Green, Libertarian, and Republican Parties submitted their candidates for presidential elector. Americans Elect did not submit any candidates for presidential elector. This was no surprise, given the May 17 announcement that Americans Elect won’t nominate anyone for President this year. If Americans Elect had had the slightest inkling that it might change its mind about that, it would have submitted candidates for presidential elector. They could always have withdrawn later.


  1. Would those parties also have to submit VP candidates as well?

  2. #2, Arizona doesn’t require any parties to say who they are running for President and Vice-President until September. There is a difference between presidential candidates, and candidates for presidential elector.

    However, it is irrational for Arizona to require the presidential elector candidates to be submitted before the party knows who its national nominees will be. It is a hangover from the days when Arizona parties chose candidates in the primary. Now they are chosen in party meetings, in Arizona and all states. But normal states say the names of the electors are submitted at the same time as the presidential and v-p nominees.

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