Texas Primary Turnout This year is Less than Half of Primary Turnout in 2008

Texas held its primary for president and all other partisan office on May 29. Although final election returns are not available, the preliminary returns show only 1,443,782 votes in the Republican primary for President, and only 587,146 in the Democratic primary for President, for a total of 2,030,927 votes cast in both primaries together.

Texas has 13,065,425 registered voters.

By comparison, in 2008, there were 4,237,308 votes cast in both major party primaries for President.


  1. Juan J Nolla · · Reply

    One good reason for this lower turnout is that in 2008 the Democratic nomination, at least, had not been decided. I don’t remember right now if the Republican nomination had been decided yet. Still, it is interesting that there were about 3 votes cast in the Republican primary for each vote cast in the Democratic primary, and both parties had a primary for the US Senate race.

  2. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Any ILLEGAL Electors a bit afraid to vote in the New Age and get detected for FELONY stuff ???

  3. Jim Riley · · Reply

    The Democratic turnout was down 80% from 2008. The Democratic turnout in 2008 was greater than the combined turnout for 2004, 2006, 2010, and 2012.

    The presidential votes were not even used for selecting delegates, and the senate primary was a bunch of no-names (sort of).

    The primary was the day after Memorial Day, and the presidential primary was essentially decided, so there was basically the senate primary. Republican turnout was up 6% from 2008, down 3% from 2010 when you had the Perry-KBH primary.

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