California Releases New Voter Registration Tally

On June 1, the California Secretary of State released a new registration tally. Compared to the last registration tally, the tally of April 6, there are only miniscule changes. The only political party that gained, as a share of the registered voters, is the American Independent Party. Oddly enough, even the “No party preference” category declined slightly as a percentage of the total. The only category that increased, other than the AIP, is the “other” category, and almost all of that increase was inside Los Angeles County.

Here is a link to the new Report. Americans Elect registration declined from 3,104 to 3,030. All the other qualified parties gained in number of registrants, but (except for the AIP) not as a percentage of the total.


  1. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    The registration numbers of the American Independent Party continue to slowly but surely grow. Still, the Officers and leaders of this party appear to be sitting on their haunches twittling their thumbs, doing little to nothing to promote the AIP and any candidates. I am still baffled as to why. Perhaps someone there on the scene in California can enlighten me.

  2. Mark Seidenberg · · Reply

    An Alabama Independent

    You are wrong. The grouth rate is good in the AIP. I would like it to increase with even more activists.
    The officers and leaders of the AIP are working very
    hard on this election. The Party endorse 196 persons
    for office.

    The main problem is elction fraud in San Francisco City
    and County. There is nearly 450,000 ballots in San Francsco City and County that do not comply with California Election Code section `13261(b)(2)(D) and
    therefore should not be cast or counted for the June 5,
    2012 primary in that City and County under section 13200.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party of California

  3. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    Perhaps you are doing more than I see evidence of.

    Why don’t you give the voters an exciting choice for President in 2012 by nominating the Fellure-Davis ticket? Jack Fellure appealed to you many months ago to allow him to be on your June Primary and you all but ignored him. Why not make it up to him by making him the AIP nominee in November, and again, give the voters of California an exciting choice for President.

  4. Jim Riley · · Reply

    Is there some sort of registration drive going on in Los Angeles County, or is some procedure change. The Others are up to 1.96% in county.

    The numbers have increased from 37,671 in January, to 59,402 in April, and 87,368 now, and have been across all supervisor districts.

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