Green Party, and Working Families Party, are Back on the Ballot in Delaware

The Green Party, and the Working Families Party, each now have enough registrations in Delaware to be on the November 2012 ballot. The Constitution Party still doesn’t have enough registrants. It is possible there are enough voter registration cards in which voters have joined the Constitution Party, but if so, the cards still haven’t been submitted to elections officials.

The Constitution Party, and any unqualified party, has until August 21 to get enough registrations. However, it will be difficult for a group to increase its registration in Delaware, because Delaware doesn’t permit voters to change parties during June or July or August. Groups can still find unregistered individuals and persuade them to register as a member of that group. Thanks to David McCorquodale for the news about the Green Party and the Working Families Party.


  1. Brian · · Reply

    How can the Constitution Party qualify then? If nobody can change their registration between now and August, what is the point of having an August 21 deadline?

  2. Kevin · · Reply

    How many short is the constitution Party?

  3. Ad Hoc · · Reply

    @1 Article says independent voters can switch to CP, but not those registered with other parties.

    How about newly registering voters?

  4. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #2, Constitution Party still needs another 182 registrants.

  5. Kevin · · Reply

    So they lost reg. voters since the april edition of the newsletter?

  6. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #5, no, I wouldn’t say that. The newsletter was showing how many registrations they had, whether the cards had been submitted or not.

  7. Ad Hoc · · Reply

    Aug 21 for newly registering voters?

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