Jill Stein Defeats Roseanne Barr in California Green Party Presidential Primary

The California Green Party presidential primary is the nation’s only Green Party presidential primary this year in which Roseanne Barr appeared on the ballot. She might have qualified for the Green Party primary ballot in other states, except that she entered the race too late to qualify in the states with earlier Green Party presidential primaries.

Dr. Jill Stein defeated Barr in the California contest. Stein received 48.6%; Barr received 40.0%; Kent Mesplay received 11.4%. These percentages will probably change slightly once all the votes have been counted. These percentages are as of noon, June 6, Pacific time.


  1. Our Team

    The USA Parliament team has no general but we can still win on “Normandy Beach”.

    We didn’t do anything to support the Independent candidacy of Chelene Nightingale [Constitution] for Governor of California in 2010.

    We didn’t do anything to support the Independent candidacy of Marla Ingels [Independent] for Governor of West Virginia in 2011.

    We didn’t do anything to support the Independent candidacy of Dea Riley [Independent] for Lt. Governor of Kentucky in 2011.

    We didn’t do anything to unite with the American Independent Party’s nominations for president of the US 2012.

    We didn’t do anything to unite with the Libertarian Party’s nominations for president of the US 2012.

    But that doesn’t mean we can’t still try to win anyway when we announce the plan for Ron Paul’s congressional seat at the Texas Green Party state convention on Saturday June 9th 2012 in San Antonio Texas at Gray Forest Community Center.

    Honorable Rhett Smith [Green] for Congress in 2012.

    He’s one of the USA Parliament’s two national Secretaries, and he’s trying to “bring more soldiers to shore” by distributing the paper ballot of the All Party System (and independents) to enlarge the delegation.

    Rhett has the plan. He knows we have no general. And he’ll be making a foray to the bunker with a rag tag group. Everyone synchronize your watches.

    We’re like a football team that has no quarterback and we’re losing by one point with 30 seconds on the game clock.

    Time to bring in the field goal unit.
    * * *

  2. Edy Vote Green Alvarez · · Reply

    Hey Richard, can you please delete the post from Ogle. His post are confusing Green Party members who keep asking me if we are part of this parliamentary “experiment.” Im a Los Angeles County Green Party County Council member.

  3. raymond · · Reply

    Dear Green Party members,

    My name is Raymond V. Davis III and I am running for House of Delegates in West Virginia as a Mountain/Green Party candidate. Please donate to my campaign to help me win. Thank you.


  4. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #3, I don’t delete comments from anyone except robots that plant links to completely unrelated commercial products. It is a principle. Just ignore any comments that aren’t interesting to you.

  5. […] Party. CA primary: Stein, 48.6%; Barr, 40.0%. Stein on ABC News (!), asked about a libertarian Veep: “That’s a really interesting […]

  6. Green Party of California post-election press release: Jill Stein secures Green presidential nomination with California vote; Top Two Jungle Primary fails voters http://www.cagreens.org/press-release/pr120606

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