Independent Green Party Expects to Qualify Five Candidates for U.S. House, the Most for Any Minor Party in Virginia Since 1916

The Independent Green Party expects to place five nominees on the 2012 ballot for U.S. House. If the party succeeds, it will have more 2012 nominees for that office on the ballot in Virginia than any party (other than Democrats and Republicans) since 1916. Back in 1916, the Socialist Party had nominees in nine of the ten districts.

The Independent Green Party petition drives are being helped by the fact that this is the first year that circulators need not live in the candidate’s district, since 1980. The district residency requirement for circulators was declared unconstitutional earlier this year in Lux v Judd.


  1. Peaceful Revolution · · Reply

    How Roseanne wins POTUS:

    Rs 20%
    Ds 20%
    Ls 20%
    Others 20%
    Roseanne 20% plus one vote

    Join the 1000-member parli. team!

  2. Nick Kruse · · Reply

    Dear “Peaceful Revolution”: go back to calling yourself “Go Barr/Ogle”. You are changing your username just to confuse people on this website.

  3. Nick Kruse · · Reply

    @1, I would also like to ask you how a story about five candidates running for U.S. House has anything to do with “how Roseanne wins POTUS”.

    Only post relevant comments and stop spamming.

  4. Peaceful Revolution · · Reply

    @3 The Independent Greens are with the USA Parliament and they are members of our team. Independent Green Party chair Carey Campbell [Green] is our Energy Minister.

    See the link below. We are also affiliated with the Free Energy Party. These are ways that we’re connected with the Virginia Independent Green Party. Sorry you don’t like that.

  5. Sure but your post was not about that, it was about Roseanne Barr, which is not relevant here. Independent Greens are NOT typical Greens and do not petition for Green national candidates, but rather are affiliated nationally with the Independence Party (of NY/MN fame). As I’m sure you knew all of this, why attempt to confuse people or go off topic?

  6. Steven R Linnabary · · Reply

    There have been times I wanted to forward an article from this site and couldn’t do it because of the childish spam some people insist on putting on EVERY thread on this site.

    Even serious debate and comment is hindered by these inane comments.


  7. Peaceful Revolution · · Reply

    @5 Again, Roseanne Barr [Green Tea] is one of our five elected executives (three prime ministers and two secretaries) and we’re interconnected with the Independent Greens of Virginia. So we must also be connected with the Independence Party of NY/MN.

    One of the problems is that people are too eager to put up road blocks against others. For example the California American Independent Party chair and secretary are like that. They are just mean people. We shouldn’t make broad brush strokes and paint people as through “they are not connected”, or “they are connected”, etc.

    The reality is that we are all connected and it’s a smaller world than you think.

    The cool thing about the American Parliament is that we can point you to the URL which is where Roseanne and the other four executives of whom I am one, did indeed elect Hon Energy Minister Carey Campbell [Green], chair of the Independent Greens, to our team.

    Here’s the URL which shows he is ranked #40:

    BTW, we have plenty of open seats in the Cabinet in case anyone wants to be elected to the Ministry of their choice at the #1 spot. We welcome all people and it’s free.

  8. All of this talk of a made-up parliament are really discouraging me from reading these comments. If there are not going to be relevant comments, I won’t be reading.

  9. Just because you use quotes doesn’t mean I actually said it in a comment. I never said the two are not connected, but that this story is about the IG and a notable accomplishment of theirs, which should not be sullied by off-topic dribble about a different party’s potential nominee or your pet project. Also, by your line of reasoning, if the IG uses Kinkos to help them print their petitions, then they’re interconnected with Kinkos, therefore it would be okay for that company to post comments advertising their business here. You’re doing the exact same thing except that (presumably) you’re not making a profit; that doesn’t change the fact that you’re still using what is conventionally called spam.

  10. Ogle’s ramblings do add the flavor of quackery to these comment threads.

  11. Peaceful Revolution · · Reply

    I have just spoken to former American Parliament Secretary and Texas Green Party convention coordinator Rhett Smith [Green]. The vote count in Texas was corrupt/questionable since they used IRV. We are asking for a report and a copy of the ballots cast and we’ll be posting the findings in public view.

    Ambassador/Secretary Tiffany Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow] has been elected in Rhett Smith’s [Green] stead and we’ll try to take down the road blocks that the national Green Party has erected in front of Queen Roseanne Barr’s candidacy through plurality and IRV elections in single winner districts.

    We’re trying to open up the way for Roseanne’s supporters, all outsiders and especially the Green Tea Party.

    Catch up on the latest day to day bulletin here, hope you like it:

  12. Peaceful Revolution · · Reply

    @9 The Hagenbach-Bischoff method uses an adjustable quota which is as exact as needed by using as many figures needed behind the decimal point, and which can be calibrated up or down in order to elect all 1000 seats with equally.

    These figures are used in cases where .999% plus one vote does not elect all the seats or elects too many seats.

    The Hagenbach-Bischoff method is not like the Hare and Droop quotas which use whole numbers.

    This is all much easier to do than it sounds.

    The person with the best score beats all others. For example, name A with three tics – #334, #777 and #14 beats another name B with three tics – #334, #777 and #15, because although the tie is at three tics each, we can break the tie by adding up the sum.

    Hope you like this!

  13. Peaceful Revolution · · Reply


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