Americans Elect Revises its Web Page

On June 11, Americans Elect revised its web page, Until today, the webpage had posted the number of “clicks” for each presidential candidate and draft choice. That tally has been removed. Instead, Americans Elect has a new, brief message, essentially thanking many of the individuals and groups that worked on the project. The site also says, “See you in 2013”.

Just for the sake of the historical record, the twelve candidates who received the most clicks are: Buddy Roemer 6,293; Rocky Anderson 3,390; Michealene Risley 2,351; Lawrence Kotlikoff 2,027; T. J. O’Hara 584; Mike Ballantine 425; Blake Ashby 269; Dwight Smith 229; Stuart Hillman 180; Beck Sanderson 170; Merlin Miller 148; Michael Levinson 136. Among this group, the only two who are petitioning to be on the November ballot are Rocky Anderson and Merlin Miller.

The twelve highest draft committees were: Ron Paul 9,498; Jon Huntsman 3,883; Bernie Sanders 2,716; President Obama 1,912; Michael Bloomberg 1,556; Gary Johnson 1,191; Stephen Colbert 848; David Walker 692; Elizabeth Warren 637; Dennis Kucinich 596; Jon Stewart 559; Hillary Clinton 458. Among this group, the only one of these who is petitioning to be on the November ballot is Gary Johnson.


  1. Really? President Obama is not running in November? If that’s true you’ve got a big scoop.

  2. Thank you Richard for breaking this news.. Now to get Mitt Romney out of the way!!

  3. They’ll be seeing a mass of people much less likely to support anything they do in 2013. After the BS they pulled this year, they turned a heck of a lot of their biggest supporters into haters. Unless they purge their leadership and make it clear they’re going in a different direction, no damn way they’ll get anything from me, and a few hundred other ticked off ex-supporters, but watching them like a hawk for the same crap they pulled this year and making sure other potential supporters know they aren’t to be trusted.

  4. Steven Berson · · Reply

    According to Michealene Risley and TJ O’Hara are still seeking the nomination of the Modern Whig Party (as apparently is Andre Barnett – who is also seeking the Reform Party nomination) – which will get determined at their National Convention in Bloomington, Minnesota on August 3-5.

    Do you know if the Modern Whig’s actually have any ballot access – or if they are working on this at all?

  5. raymond · · Reply

    I don’t think they will do much. They were full of number 2 when I contacted them and tried to work with them. If AE wants my support they are going to have to work for it cause all they have shown is they are worthless.

  6. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #1 and #4, thank you! I have revised the post.

    The Florida Whig Party is the only ballot-qualified Whig Party, but my impression is that it is not associated with the Modern Whig Party.

  7. Demo Rep · · Reply

    ANY body in the AE leadership ever heard about P.R. and nonpartisan App.V. ???

    I.E. spend the AE zillions on a proper gerrymander case and/or do State const. law petitions for P.R. and App.V.

  8. […] separate spheres.” Americans Select: “Just for the sake of the historical record, the eleven candidates who received the most clicks are: Buddy Roemer 6,293; *Rocky Anderson 3,390; Michealene Risley 2,351; Lawrence Kotlikoff 2,027; T. […]

  9. Dan Meek · · Reply

    Now the site is dead:
    Service Unavailable – DNS failure

  10. Dan Meek · · Reply

    Maybe DNS means “Democracy Not for Sale.”

  11. Brad M · · Reply

    Site is not down. See you in 2013 for more rabble rousing.

  12. mbelleville · · Reply

    Anyone paying attention knows that the clicks were seriously suppressed by 1) the significant issues with the verification process and 2) the fact that AE had next to zero name recognition and many who had heard of it felt it was suspect.

    To pull the plug based upon such a flawed criteria was pathetic. Case in point. Quite a few of the draft candidates also happend to be on the CA ballot last week. How did they do in that ONE state compared to ALL of their AE support in all 50 states?

    Buddy Roemer (GOP ballot) 9716 AE total 6293
    Rocky Anderson(Peace & Freedom ballot) 1208 AE total 3390
    Scott Keller (Libertarian ballot) 949 AE ??
    RJ Harris (Libertarian ballot) 523 AE ballot ??

    Draft candidate Gary Johnson (Lib ballot(5244) AE 191

    Notice Buddy Roemer JUST in CA on a GOP ballot which he wasn’t even running on and after he participated in ZERO GOP debates got almost the 10,000 votes/supports that AE was looking for.

  13. mbelleville · · Reply

    Correction on Johnson 1191

  14. DNR – do not resuscitate

  15. rmthinks · · Reply

    What a waste of money on the part of the AE organizers, who spent all that money on ballot access, and are not going to even use it. What a complete waste.

  16. Dan Meek · · Reply

    I noticed in the party bylaws AE filed in Oregon that the party is forbidden from nominating candidates for any race other than President and Vice-President.

  17. I know that my name is mentioned for seeking nominations on alternative parties-the truth is I will not be seeking any other nomination for 2012. Honestly, AE’s board behavior was a critical slap in the face for our Republic. Regretfully, I don’t think we have another 4 years to sit in this wayward republic to demand change. Yet, right now I don’t truly see a viable alternative to the two-party system. There are also many laws and mechanisms in place to keep the powers to be-remaining in those positions. I have been dealing with a very ill mom, so I have stepped away, but I am stumped at how we can truly galvanize the american people to say enough.

    Think about it. The airwaves are bought and paid for, even though they are “Public Property”. There are roughly 180 something people running out country with the billion or so being pumped onto TV ads to win. The only losers in America right now, are 300 million plus citizens who are ignorant feel powerless or have given up.

  18. o rly? · · Reply

    Check out former two term Governor, world class mountain climber and self made construction millionaire Gary Johnson, running for president as the Libertarian candidate and likely to be on the ballot in 48-50 states plus DC

  19. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Minor reality check —

    2008 Total Prez popular votes a mere —


    FEC report in 2009
    Perhaps about 137,000,000 in 2012 ???
    Stay tuned.

  20. Maybe this should be the theme for Americans Elect?

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