Ballot-Qualified Tea Party Runs No Candidates in Florida

Filing for the Florida primary closed on June 8. The ballot-qualified Tea Party, which had eighteen candidates on the ballot in 2010 for federal and state office, has no candidates for partisan office this year.

In this year’s U.S. House races, there are 27 races. Republicans have a candidate in 24 races; Democrats also have a candidate in 24 races. The only minor party candidate for a U.S. House seat is Calen Fretts, a Libertarian, running in the First district. There will be independent candidates on the November ballot in 13 of the 27 races.

This patten is similar to 2010, when there were 25 districts. In 2010, Republicans ran in 24 districts, Democrats ran in 21 districts, and independents ran in nine districts. The only minor party candidates for U.S. House in 2010 were three Tea Party candidates and one Florida Whig Party candidate.

This year, for legislature, there are three Libertarians, one Green, and two members of the Independent Party. One of the Independent Party nominees is Nancy Argenziano, who is a former Democratic member of the legislature. She is running for State Representative, 34th district, and she will have a Democratic opponent and a Republican opponent.

In the U.S. Senate race this year, there are three independent candidates, but no minor party candidates.


  1. Peter Gemma · · Reply

    I thought there was a different candidate filing deadline than last Friday for 3rd parties

  2. Richard Winger · · Reply

    In Florida, all qualified parties nominate by primary. Last Friday was the deadline for candidates to file for the primary. The primary is held on August 14.

    Election officials don’t actually print primary ballots for parties that have no primary contests. When a candidate files for the primary and he or she is unopposed, the person is deemed nominated.

  3. “Filing for the Florida primary closed on July 13.”

    Shouldn’t that be June 8? Today’s only June 11.

  4. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #3, thanks! I have just now fixed the post.

  5. And if only one person files, that person is deemed nominated and elected and will not appear on any ballot. I first decided to run as a write-in after several even-year elections in which there was no contest for the U.S. House on my ballot, not even an indication that the office was up that year.

  6. Peter Gemma · · Reply

    @2 – Richard, sorry but I’m confused. Are you saying that if a third party did not file a candidate’s name last Friday – whether or not there is a primary – the party will not have a name on the November ballot?

    Is there a separate deadline to notify the election officials that there is only one candidate that the party has endorsed which is why a name was not filed as of Friday?

  7. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #7, the Florida law treats all parties equally, when it comes to office other than President. All candidates (for office other than President) had to file by last week.

    All parties, large and small, technically nominate by primary, so the primary deadline applies to all parties and all candidates.

  8. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    It is good to hear the Independent Party of Florida has two legislative candidates qualified for the General Election Ballot in 2012. It is also good to see BAN finally acknowledge there is an Independent Party of Florida with ballot position and recognized by the Secretary of State. It is sad the party has not been more active in recruiting other candidates. Perhaps one day soon some Independent activists will offer leadership to this party and see it become the 3rd party in Florida it has the potential to become.

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