Public TV Station in San Diego Interview with Gary Kreep

KPBS, the Public Television station in San Diego, has this 5-minute interview with Gary Kreep. The election between Kreep and his only opponent for Superior Court Judge in San Diego County is still too close to call. KPBS invited both candidates to appear on the show, but only Kreep accepted. He has been an attorney for the American Independent Party, for Alan Keyes, and others, over whether the California Secretary of State has a duty to investigate the qualifications of presidential candidates who appear on the California ballot.

The election returns, as of 5 p.m. June 11, are: Garland Peed 193,486; Gary Kreep 192,885. There are still over 50,000 votes not counted yet.


  1. Demo Rep · · Reply

    How long does it take for the ALL mail ballots in Oregon to be counted ???

    What do ballot scanner machines do between elections ???

    Talk with UFO folks from another galaxy ???

  2. Richard Winger · · Reply

    It takes a long time in Oregon and Washington also. And California is now over half mail-ballots.

  3. natural born citizen party · · Reply

    the USCA2C has oral argument on HAVA issue of hand counting votes next Monday — a federal lawsuit that originally contained plaintiffs of CA as well as every other state election vote counting org.

  4. natural born citizen party · · Reply

    also next Monday Re: Obama eligibility– Big hearing for Florida Voeltz v Obama case

    By the way, the judge on this case is the same one who ordered Katherine Harris to stop counting ballots in 2000. attorney, Larry Klayman, also worked on that case, is the Founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom watch and the only one to ever prevail in a lawsuit against a sitting President (Clinton).

  5. o rly? · · Reply


  6. natural born citizen party · · Reply

    Another hearing is today (starting now) in Indiana to attempt by petitioners to rightfully remove non-NATURAL Born Citizen Barack Hussein Obama off the 2012 general election ballot and have the primary results nullified. Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. and several other Indiana citizens had filed the complaint and had also had the original judge recused for being a relative to a candidate on the ballot. The case has also been delayed because the former Secretary of State did not have the correct address on his voter registration and was removed and replaced by a new Secretary of State.

    Taitz et al complained not only Obama’s constitutional ineligibility but his fraud crimes also; confirmed birth certificate forgery at, use of a Connecticut social security never assigned to him according to E-Verifty, and use of alias name that has no confirmation that it is legally correct as Obama has been legally known by the Indonesian names Soebarkah and Barry Soetoro as well as Barry Obama.

    Taitz has issued subpoenas to multiple individuals including the Sheriff Joe Arpaio, aka Barack Obama, and Arizona and Indiana secretaries of state.

  7. Why would you address that to me or think I would care about that nuttiness?

  8. natural born citizen party · · Reply

    Dear “o rly? Says”:

    Whom or why else would I address to any other person except you? — by the way, the judge dismissed the case — apparently without prejudice.

  9. I have no idea who would care about that nonsense, or why.

    You could try addressing it to yourself in a private email.

    Would that be too kreepy?

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