All Three Libertarian Statewide Candidates Poll Enough Votes in North Dakota Primary to Advance to November Election

North Dakota held its primary on June 12, for the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, and Constitution Parties. North Dakota has an open primary, which means any voter can choose any party’s primary ballot. The primary ballots are all printed on a single sheet of paper, and the voter decides in the privacy of the voting booth which primary he or she will participate in. North Dakota law requires candidates for statewide office to poll at least 300 votes in the primary, in order to advance to the November ballot. All three Libertarian candidates for statewide office met the requirement.

The Constitution Party did not have any candidates, but the state still printed primary ballots for it. In theory, a write-in candidate could have been nominated, but no write-in candidate polled enough votes to be nominated.

The Libertarian Party was disadvantaged in this primary because the state printed the Libertarian Party primary ballot on the back of the ballot, whereas the other three parties were printed on the front. But that problem was overcome. Here is a link to the Secretary of State’s web page, giving election returns. Not all votes have been counted yet.

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