California Prints New Registration Cards that List Americans Elect

Since 1976, California voter registration forms have listed all the qualified parties, and provided a check box for each one. New registration cards have now been issued to reflect that Americans Elect is now a qualified party.

Question 14 of the form asks, “Do you want to choose a political party preference?” Underneath that question, on the left, there is a check box labeled “No Party Preference.” After the that, it says, “No, I do not want to choose a political party preference.”

Under question 14, but on the right, the form says, “Yes, my political party preference is: (check one). This is followed by a list of parties, in alphabetical order, each with its own checkbox. The order is American Independent Party, Americans Elect Party, Democratic Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party, Peace and Freedom Party, Republican Party, Other (specify).”

Americans Elect, which spent several million dollars collecting 1,030,040 valid signatures to earn its party status, will go off the ballot in January 2014 unless it gets its registration up to one-fifteenth of 1%. That will probably be approximately 12,000 registered members. Currently it only has 3,030. It will be interesting to see if Americans Elect exerts itself to raise its registration in California and save its ballot access.


  1. Brad M · · Reply

    Such high hopes for AE after getting California on the ballot and 26 subsequent states before they disbanded after the nomination snafu. Too bad.

    I don’t see AE doing anything in California to maintain ballot access, but I found it interesting that their website said “See you in 2013”

  2. Deemer from California · · Reply


    Didn’t you mean to say have 103,000+ registrations by roughly January 1st, 2014? The 1/15th of 1 % registration requirement has been used in the past for small parties having at least one candidate in the State-wide races win at least 2% of the vote. Since it qualified for the ballot in 2011 and therefore was NOT on the 2010 ballot shouldn’t it also need to be above the 1% registration figure the other small parties will need to have to stay ballot qualified for 2014? That assumes, of course, the State Legislature doesn’t change the required registration percentage before then.

  3. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Govt party hack registration lists = PURGE lists.

    NO body in the U.S.A. ever heard about the Hitler and Stalin purges in the 1930s ??? — except me ???

    Mass brain dead ignorance.

  4. Demo Rep · · Reply

    more – the robot party hack clubby gangs can have their own clubby membership lists — and even perhaps Private snail mail ballots for choosing clubby officers.

    Gee how many *professional* groups have snail mail ballots — and manage to survive ???

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