Gary Kreep Appears to have Been Elected Superior Court Judge in San Diego County, California

The San Diego Registrar of Voters’ web page reports that the vote for Superior Court Judge is: Gary Kreep 202,873; Garland Peed 201,415. The web page also reports that only 2,000 uncounted votes remain. It is likely there will be a recount.

Kreep was the attorney for Alan Keyes and the American Independent Party in several lawsuits over whether the Secretary of State of California must check the constitutional qualifications of presidential candidates. Kreep also represented the Alan Keyes faction of the AIP in 2008, when the Secretary of State recognized one faction over the other and the other faction appealed the decision in court.


  1. From:
    Roseanne Barr ?@TheRealRoseanne

    “Coalition gov with libertarians greens third parties!”

  2. Kreep vs. Peed sounds like a great race. I imagine someone could compile a humorous list of names of opponents in various elections throughout American history.

  3. @2 That’s what makes multi-winner teams enterntaining.

    Wright/Winger for President! 🙂

  4. Doremus Jessup · · Reply

    There was a Tim Turnipseed who ran for governor in South Carolina a while back. Do you think he just fell off the turnip truck?

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