South Carolina Republican Party Lawsuit Over Open Primary Delayed for Six More Months

It has been over two years since the South Carolina Republican Party filed a federal lawsuit over whether the party can limit its primary to voters who identify with the party. The case is Greenville County Republican Party v State of South Carolina, 6:10-cv-1407. The case is far from being decided.

Back on August 2, 2011, a scheduling order provided that all briefs and discovery ought to be finished by June 15, 2012. But since then, the scheduling order has been revised several times. Currently, briefs and discovery are due by December 2012 and a trial is expected in January 2013.

Current law provides for an open primary for all parties that hold primaries. The Republican Party wants to exclude voters who are not sympathetic to the Republican Party.


  1. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Public Electors – Public Nominations – Public Primaries – Public Ballot Access – Public CONTROL — since 1888-1890 in most States.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

    NO more moron robot party hack primaries – i.e. the 1888-2012 primary experiment = ONE giant political science FAILURE — producing mainly hoards of party hack robot extremists in gerrymander districts.

  2. If that’s what the Republicans want then go and pay for your own primary or change the law and vote by convention. That way the membership will be voting for your nominee.

  3. Jim Riley · · Reply

    South Carolina should switch to Top 2 Open Primary.

  4. Jim, don’t you think you lose idea’s by going to a Top 2 open primary. We could have nothing but Republicans for all the top offices, or you would get Democrats running as Republicans to avoid losing to the Top 2. I don’t mind having other voices out there.

  5. #2 – I agree with you about how to pay for a primary by any party. I worked on this case doing phone calling to notify SC voters about this effort to close their primary. I was supprised on how many voters where not aware of a possible closed primary and the possibility of taxation without representation.

    #4 – An Open Primary process will only work when all candidates have the same opportunity to be on the ballot.

  6. o rly? · · Reply

    Dave is right in this case.

  7. This guy just beat up Rick Ross?!/sosa937

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