Idaho Republican Party Will Study Who Should be Allowed to Vote in its Primary

The Idaho Republican Party held a state convention June 21-23. It decided to study whether the issue of which voters should be allowed to vote in the Republican primary. The study will be done in 2013. See this story.


  1. Peaceful Revolution · · Reply

    How many different road blocks and of what varieties would they need or want to implement?

  2. The Alaskan Constitution Party chair will be a good person to allow to vote in their primary. They need all the help they can get!

  3. Vote GOP · · Reply

    Support Ron Paul and Rand Paul

    They are the only way

    Johnson is a tool (of Demon Obama) who supports “humanitarian” intervetionism – false profit

    Obama is the Antichrist foretold in Revelations, Rosemary’s Baby quite literally, his father was Satan in human form, he was born in Kenya in a Satanic Black Mass

    We must get behind Romney to stop Obama and elect Rand Paul in 2016

    The Libertarian Party is just a tool of the Demoncrats to re-elect Obama and send us all to the Death Camps and the Killing Fields before 2016 because there will never be another election if Obama wins

    This year, kid, I’m voting Republican!

    Ron Paul is Republican, Rand Paul is Republican, you should be Republican too!

  4. Why do we need an Obama lite candidate in Romney. Romney will lose because he’s working on the John McCain strategy. Look where it landed McCain in 2008.

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