For Election Returns Junkies, Some California County Election Web Pages Include Interesting Information Not on State Web Page

For those people who enjoy the minutiae of election returns, especially for minor parties, the county elections web pages sometimes have interesting details that are not included in the Secretary of State’s web page.

Some, but not all, of the county election web pages include the number of write-ins cast in particular races, whether there were any declared write-in candidates in that race or not. For example, there were no declared write-in presidential candidates in the Libertarian Party’s presidential primary, but some counties show a large number of write-ins were cast in the Libertarian Party presidential primary. Many, if not most, of these write-ins may have been for Ron Paul. The percentage of write-ins cast in the Libertarian presidential primary in Calaveras County was 32.3%; in Lassen County 29.6%; in Contra Costa County 19.7%; in Alameda County 13.8%. These counties were chosen at random and most county web pages haven’t been checked.

In the American Independent primary, in many counties over half the votes cast for president were write-in votes. This is also true in some cases for the Peace & Freedom presidential primary.

The Orange County elections web page reveals that Orange County has 222 voters registered in Americans Elect, but only 18 of them turned out to cast a ballot in the June 5, 2012 primary for any office. Those voters were given a ballot intended for Independent voters, because Americans Elect didn’t want its own primary ballot printed up.

Many counties still haven’t finished their official tally.


  1. John Crockford · · Reply

    This is interesting. Here are the results for Fresno County in central California:

    ROSS (Rocky) C. ANDERSON – 22 (22.92%)
    STEWART ALEXANDER – 19 (19.79%)
    STEPHEN DURHAM – 16 (16.67%)
    RONALD FORBES WI – 0 (0.00%)
    LEON RAY WI- 0 (0.00%)
    SHELLEY UPCHURCH WI – 0 (0.00%)
    Write-in Votes – 39 (40.63%)

    I am curious to see the party’s choice at the nominating convention in early August and whether or not California’s only socialist party will select a socialist as its candidate.

  2. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    Yes, if the leadership of the California AIP had not narrowed it presidential candidate list, there might have been more people voting in the AIP Presidential Primary than there were. I know one serious candidate is the Prohibition nominee Jack Fellure who spoke with AIP leaders earlier this year and felt they were going to consider him for listing on their ballot – but they never did.

    The “winner” with 38% of the vote was a Edward Noonan whom I have heard much about and have not heard of any serious presidential candidate being promoted on his behalf.

    Still it would not have hurt anything to allowed the name of Jack Fellure to have appeared on the presidential ballot. I still have not heard a satisfactory reason from Mark Seidenberg as to why he was omitted.

  3. Jim Riley · · Reply

    The AEP turnout percentage was even lower in Los Angeles County. My guess would be that most of the AEP registrants were persons who signed the petition and simultaneously registered to vote, and chose to register with AEP.

    Making up some numbers, let’s say 5% of the signers also registered to vote (if someone isn’t registered, there signature is not valid unless they also register).

    That’s 50,000 new voters. So if 5% of those new voters chose AEP that would account for most of the AEP registrants.

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